Do you know how to perfectly leverage on your HDB for a financially stress-free future?

With the increasing supply of BTO flats in the housing market each year,

resale prices has been on a continuous downward trend.

This means, the very HDB you are holding onto so dearly is



Since 2013, the HDB resale prices has been facing a gradual downward trend!

Many HDB Owners Like You Will Wonder... What Will Be A Better Bet?

Count on HIGH RISK STOCKS or low risk investment with LOW RETURNS?

Purchase HEFTY investment-linked insurance plans?

Dream for the IMPRACTICAL 1 in 13 million chance of winning the lottery?

No! You do not have to risk the above!

Savvy HDB homeowners have been leveraging on their HDB to grow their wealth! Many have been able to UPGRADE to a PRIVATE PROPERTY with MINIMAL to ZERO cash outlay!

Find out how was this done with real-life case studies below!


Joseph and his wife wanted to upgrade to a bigger resale for their growing family.

During a sharing session, we helped them to understand their financial standing and options.

They decided to upgrade to a good-sized 3 bedder condo instead, that is undervauled.

They managed to receive $180K from the upgrade & have  at least $100K in capital appreciation!


This was done without touching their savings, yet maintaining their monthly mortgage loan!

They upgraded to a 3 bedder and invested in another 1 bedder for passive income.

During a sharing session, we helped them to understand their financial standing and options.

Jian Hwa and JiaYi with a combined income of $8,500 owned a 4 room BTO flat.

What Can You Gain From A Sharing Session?


A meticulous explanation and 4-step calculation of related costs involved such as legal fees, cash outlay, stamp duty and such.

An achievable Property Wealth Plan to help you to unlock funds in the form of spare cash or even more than 1 property.

A detailed financial calculation to understand your financial standing.

How you can achieve huge potential upside from your properties with real life case studies!

A far-sighted roadmap that will allow you to retire earlier and more comfortably.



Like most Singapore HDB owners, you are probably servicing your HDB flat loan using CPF. Locking away all your CPF in your HDB has an adverse effect on your asset portfolio!




With all or most of your CPF trapped in your HDB, you are at risk to:

The 2.5% interest you could have earned if you have left it in your CPF!

The 2.5% accrued interest to pay back when you eventually sell!

That is 5% OPPORTUNITY COST you are losing each and every year!

In dollar terms, for every $200K locked up in your property, you would have LOST $53,200 of your money in a matter of 5 YEARS.

With PROVEN Asset Progression Planning Strategies & A GUIDED Action Plan, you can...

MAINTAIN healthy amount of cash reserve funds for rainy days.

GENERATE passive income with minimal to zero extra financial commitment.

GROW your asset portfolio through STABLE property investment plans.

ELEVATE you and your family to financial freedom.

RETIRE earlier with a secure safety net.


Hello! I am Eunice Koh, the Senior Marketing Director in ERA.

Having been in the Real Estate industry for a good 10 years, I believe in a stable method of growing our wealth - through property investment. No, it is not far from reach for the average Singaporean. Property investment is definitely not only for the rich! By leveraging on the right strategy, your humble HDB will be the deciding factor for wealth creation.

Having been there and done that, I have seen many homeowners hesitate and doubt the feasibility. However, with step-by-step wealth creation strategies and an eventual guided action plan, my past clients have successfully benefited from the process. These are no marketing gimmicks but a proven way tested by many before you that found it useful.

What differentiates my team is our belief in providing the best for our clients by putting everyones’ strength together and work as a team. Our team of elites (with minimum 10 years experience to 20 years), are specialised in Asset Management, Research and Analytics. We are professional Property Consultants that can help you in every step.

If you have any queries, you can contact me to find out more. I will be more than glad to answer and advice you according to your financial standing.

What Clients Say

As I began my own family, I understand better the struggle and importance to ensure my finances are always stable.

Eunice has been very sincere and helpful, giving great advices on the step moving forward. She does not rush to close but rather shows that she genuinely wants the best for us.

My husband and I have since upgraded to a condo that have seen more than $100K increase in its value. This is a huge achievement for us as we are not one big step closer to achieving financial freedom!

Thank you so much Eunice, will definitely engage you again for our property matters.

- Poh Si En



Let us have a NON-OBLIGATORY sharing session so you can understand your financial standing and explore your options!

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